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Chalk Goby - Valenciennea sexguttata

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Chalk Goby - Valenciennea sexguttata

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Common Name: Sleeper Bluedot Goby

Adult Size: max. 14 cm

Feeding: frozen or live food (Mysis, Artemia, Calanus, mussel meat, lobster eggs, zooplankton)

Temperature: 22°C - 28°C

Care Level: normal

Temperament: keep alone or as pair

Notes: cleans sand by chewing, making it harder for algae or cyanobacteria to establish themselves, does not rise as high as other gobies while doing so

Eponymous for the Sleeper Blue Dot Goby (Valenciennea sexguttata), that can get up to 14 cm big, are the six gleaming blue points on the gills, which are a nice contrast in the gray-white main color of the fish.
What makes the Bluedot Goby so popular are the useful charateristics: Shortly after settling into the tank it begins to dredge in the ground and cleans it through chewing. This way the growth of algae and cyanobacteria on the sand is prevented. Since the Goby is usually close to the ground during excavation corals etc. don’t get buried.
So for keeping the Sleeper Goby it’s necessary that deep, fine ground like (live) sand or coral gravel is present in the aquarium. Also rock structures should be present because the fish likes to stay between them.
Since the Gobies like to jump a cover on the aquarium is recommended. As feed for the carnivorous fish frozen or live feed (e.g. Mysis, Artemia, Calanus, mussel meat, lobster eggs and zooplankton) are suitable.
Generally Valenciennea sexguttata are peaceful, but they can be territorial towards conspecifics. Although it‘s possible to keep them alone it’s recommended to keep them as pair since Sleeper Bluedot Gobys also occur as pairs in nature.

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