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Pyjama Wrasse- Lilac - Pseudocheilinus ocellatus

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Pyjama Wrasse- Lilac - Pseudocheilinus ocellatus

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Pseudocheilinus ocellatus - Mystery Wrasse

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Pseudocheilinus ocellatus is a rare wrasse which is closely related top popular species like the Six-lined Wrasse. Its bizarre coloration with thin stripes on pale pink and a skeletal, yellow head mask as well as the eyespot (giving them their latin name) make them a striking addition to the reef aquarium. The Mystery Wrasse grows to about 11 to 12 cm in size and is suited for aquariums of 500 liters and up. In the beginning, it is often shy and easily scared. Care should be taken as it can be susceptible to stress during acclimation, so it should be fed well and the aquarium should be secured against jumping out. When acclimated, it is a bold and hardy fish like most Pseudocheilinus, although it is said to be one of the less aggressive species. It also feeds on parasitic snails and planaria. A wonderful little rarity with limited availability!
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