ICP-OES 2 Aquarium+RO Water MarinLab

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ICP-OES 2 Aquarium+RO Water MarinLab

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MarinLab ICP-OES is a set of 38 tests performed in the MarinLab laboratory using a professional spectrometer. This type of research provides us with a very large amount of information about the tank that we are not able to obtain using publicly available drop tests.

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Tested elements Hg, Se, Cd, Sn, Sb, As, Al, Pb, Ti, Cu, La, Sc, W, Li, Ni, Mo, Cr, Co, Fe, P, PO4, Na, Ca, Mg, K, Br, B, Sr, S, V, Zn, Mn, I, Ba, Be, Si + Kh and salinity.

Kit Contents:
1. Sterile tube x 2 (for aquarium water + water from RO filter)
2. An addressed envelope

How to do the test in a few simple steps?
1. Rinse 2x the sterile vial (red) in RO water and then fill it with RO water. Rinse 2x the sterile (blue) vial in the water of your aquarium and fill the vial with water.
2. Register at http://icp.marinlab.com and place the vials in an envelope.
3. Address and send your samples to our business address.
4. You will receive information about the results at the e-mail address provided during registration. After logging into your account you will receive a full analysis of the composition of your samples.
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